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In these uncertain times Oakmont Environmental is OPEN for Thermal (Heat) Eradication of Biologicals which includes Pre & Post Coronavirus Disinfection / Sanitization and Bed Bug Heat Treatments as they are both considered “Essential Services”. All Oakmont Technicians are checked daily for any virus symptoms and have all been found to be symptom Free. 


At Oakmont we use a 2-pronged approach to tackle Coronavirus both as a precautionary or an after-exposure sanitizing measure. Oakmont designed proprietary heating equipment over 10 years to tackle many biohazards and were ready to deploy equipment if Ebola had spread in the US. We combine heated air along with chemical dispersants to make the Coronavirus COVID-19 Inactive and allow you and/or your employees access to the facility once more.


If you have questions call us Toll Free at 1-800-807-5041

About Us

Oakmont is one of the few companies in NJ that are licensed to treat Pest, Lawn, Mosquito, Investment Landscape, Bloom, Tree and Shrub at your home or business. We are very proud of our “Chemical Free” NJ Bed Bug Heat Treatment. As the Inventers of our Bed Bug Heaters and the Bed Bug Heat Treatment process our experience to Get Rid of Bed Bugs NJ  is second to none!

Oakmont’s Total IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach allows us to treat insects where they originate –the outdoors! At Oakmont we start outdoors by creating Perimeter Barriers in your lawn, beds and landscaped areas to secure your indoors.

Perimeter Barriers not only stop insects from getting into your home, they also redirect insects back into their Natural Environment where our Lawn, Tree & Shrub solutions will maintain a Natural Balance while protecting your Investment.

Oakmont’s IPM - Integrated Pest Management

Mandates that we adhere to these principles:

  • Monitoring
  • Educating
  • Communicating
  • Integrated Controls
  • Thresholds
  • Evaluation

By combining IPM, Hybrid Blends, No Phosphates and a 50% Reduction in Pesticides we are designated a “BLUE”Environmental Business.

A “BLUE” Business goes above and beyond current regulations to Stop the Spread of Dead Zones in our North American waters like the Manasquan River Watershed, Barnegat Bay, the Gulf of Mexico and the Everglades.

Our “Chemical Free” NJ Bed Bug Heat Treatment puts ZERO chemicals into our Local Watersheds!

Pest-Free and Weed-Free Landscapes

At Oakmont we are doing our part to achieve a New Level of Greenness with our “BLUE” commitment to provide Eco-Friendly Pest, Lawn, Mosquito, Investment Landscape, Shrub and Tree Care programs of superior quality in Monmouth County NJ.

Oakmont’s programs protect and enhance your investment by combining minerals, synthetics and natural products to deliver beautiful lush green landscapes that are invasive weed free and pest free while reducing the environmental impact.

Through the use of these products we promote strong plant health by naturally increasing resistance to disease and insect damage through significant root and cell development. With Oakmont there will be no harmful phosphates and far fewer nitrates and other chemicals released in our environment!

Our Active Bating Technologies

Oakmont uses a hybrid blend of organic, synthetic and nutritional products to control weeds and invasive insect species in addition to mosquito, ticks and fleas.

Our IPM Pest Control program calls for the use of more active baiting technologies instead of just spraying pesticides that can wash down into our watersheds.

With active baiting, insects are drawn away from the places they aren’t meant to be such as your home, pool area and investment landscape beds. After the insects feed they will deliver a lethal package back to their colonies and nests causing complete eradication and eliminating the need to apply residual pesticides on or in your home.

At Oakmont Environmental our philosophy is simple; use 21st century technology today so our children and grandchildren can enjoy an environmentally safe tomorrow.

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