Oakmont Flea Control

Fact – Fleas carry and transmit deadly human diseases.

At Oakmont we KILL FLEAS NJ – Fleas are resilient pests that have a reputation for being able to carry many vector-borne pathogens, and their diseases. Many in the Scientific Community fear that flea-borne diseases may re-emerge in epidemic form by spreading devastating and deadly illnesses like Plague, Typhus, Spotted Fever, Tungiasis and cause CSD in your pets. This expected acceleration in flea-borne diseases and is most likely driven by climate change and the destruction of wild habitats.


This is because fleas are parasites; they live on and feed off of a warm blooded host without killing it. Fleas have piercing mouthparts and like Bed Bugs feed exclusively on blood to survive and reproduce.

At Oakmont Environmental, we believe stopping fleas before they can enter your home is paramount to successfully controlling them. Our most popular outdoor flea control treatment is our barrier protection spray program to protect your family from harmful fleas!

Oakmont Environmental’s professional flea control applicators apply a Hybrid barrier of Organic and Synthetic compounds around your home and throughout your outdoors living areas.

Our reduced pesticide flea control with residual formula eliminates mosquitoes and continues working for up to 21 days to KILL Fleas NJ!

Three Treatment Options for Fleas

  1. Using an Insecticidal dusts to treat runways, floors, burrows, furniture, and pet bedding
  2. In emergencies we can use a liquid spray formulation of insecticides can be applied to runways, floors, furniture, and burrow entrances and
  3. A totally Green solution consisting of a Thermal ͞ONE & DONE͟ Indoor Flea treatment which means ALL FLEAS will be DEAD in ONE TREATMENT performed in ONE DAY.

As with all our Oakmont services our goal is to Restore the Natural Order by keeping fleas where they want to stay – outdoors! Keeping fleas in their natural outdoor habitat keeps them to an acceptable level that poses no too little threat to humans. This is all part of the Green IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach that we follow at Oakmont Environmental with everything we do!


Treat NOW and Pay Over Time!


We now offer Financing for Bed Bug Heat Treatments.