Oakmont Commercial Environments – Hybrid Commercial IPM Pest and Horticultural Solutions for Business and the Environment

At Oakmont’s Commercial Environments Division we continue to use our blend of Organic, Synthetic and Nutritional products to achieve a balance between Man, Insect and Weeds to protect businesses, institutions and multi-unit dwellings – some companies like to call that “Green”, we prefer to call that an Investment in All of Our Futures.


Oakmont is one of the few companies licensed to do Commercial IPM Pest Control NJ in addition being licensed to treat Pest, Mosquito, Investment Landscape, Bloom, Tree and Shrub at your business whether commercial, industrial, multi-unit dwelling or institutional.


Oakmont’s Total IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach allows us to treat insects where they originate– the outdoors! At Oakmont we start outdoors by creating Perimeter Barriers in your grassy areas, flower beds and landscaped areas to secure your indoors.


Perimeter Barriers not only stop insects from getting into your business, they also redirect insects back into their Natural Environment where our Lawn, Tree & Shrub solutions will maintain a Natural Balance while protecting your Investment – Oakmont can offer complete Commercial IPM Pest Control NJ.

Oakmont’s Commercial Environments IPM (Integrated Pest Management)





Integrating Controls



By combining IPM, Hybrid Blends, No Phosphates and a 50% Reduction in Pesticides we are designated a “BLUE” Environmental Business. A “BLUE” Business goes above and beyond current regulations to Stop the Spread of Dead Zones in our North American waters like the Manasquan River Watershed, Barnegat Bay, the Gulf of Mexico and the Everglades


At Oakmont Commercial Environments we are doing our part to achieve a New Level of Greenness with our“BLUE” commitment to provide Eco-Friendly Pest, Mosquito, Investment Landscape, Shrub and Tree Care programs of superior quality in NJ.

Oakmont’s Commercial Environments programs protect and enhance your investment by combining minerals, synthetics and natural products to deliver beautiful lush green landscapes that are invasive weed free and pest free while reducing the environmental impact.

Through the use of these products we promote strong plant health by naturally increasing resistance to disease and insect damage through significant root and cell development.


With Oakmont Commercial Environments there will be no harmful phosphates and far fewer nitrates and other chemicals released in our environment!

Treat NOW and Pay Over Time!


We now offer Financing for Bed Bug Heat Treatments.