Oakmont Commercial Environments Hybrid Tree and Shrub Program


Trees and shrubs truly thrive in a natural forest environment, where there are plenty of leaves and debris that decompose to create an abundance of natural microbiology in the soil. On the forest floor,the circle of life is complete.


To recreate this natural circle of life, Oakmont Commercial Environments incorporates probiotic and living-microorganism-filled organics to restore the microbiology in and around trees and shrubs. This greatly improves root development, which provides greater uptake of nutrients and water, ultimately growing stronger, healthier trees and shrubs.

Organic, Synthetic and Nutritional products Installation:

During installation, our Green Hybrid blends, containing a mycorrhizae additive, fertilize and help establish roots while organics adds to the living soil microbiology, creating an environment where roots can truly thrive. Organics will also help the new plant with nutrient uptake allowing for a fuller, more vibrant plant.

100% Organic Fertilizing Program:

At Oakmont, we can create a 100% organic program. Organic nutrients such as NPK or insecticidal soaps can be integrated to increase the efficacy of the organic program on an as needed basis.

Oakmont IPM and Hybrid Fertilizing Program

Oakmont is combining Holganix bio-nutritional products with a traditional tree/shrub program and an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach to maintain a Natural Balance while protecting your Investment.


With this program, we will greatly reduce your pesticides, specifically bifenthrin and imidacloprid. Holganix will help these products work more effectively at lower rates and can be used with any of the other products Oakmont uses as part of a normal tree and shrub program.
The result…Healthy Trees & Shrubs & a Safer “BLUE” Environment!


At Oakmont Commercial Environments, we use bio-nutritional products for all fertilizer methods, both foliar as well as deep-root feeding. Bio-nutritional products prefer to be applied by soil drenching around the trunk of the tree out to about halfway to the drip line as opposed to a deep root feeding. With this method, there is less possibility of spreading any root-borne diseases.

Commercial Tree and Shrub Program (Outdoors)

Oakmont’s Tree and Shrub Program uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process that treats certain plant material at the proper time of the year to ensure year-round protection while minimizing the use of pesticides.


Our trained horticultural specialists will identify active pests during each round and apply products to only those plants that have damaging thresholds present or are susceptible to pest issues at that time of year.

1st Application: Time Frame - March

Fertilization – Fertilizer is applied to the root zone of landscaped plants. This feeding increases the health and vigor of plants along with enhanced color, growth and flowering potential.

3rd Application: Timeframe - June

Fertilization, Insect & Disease Suppressant – This third feeding is to further increase the health and vigor of plants, it continues to enhance color, growth and flowering. The second insect and disease application protects midseason growth from pests that have several lifecycles during the season. Pest problems will be controlled for continued health and vigor of landscape plants.

5th Application: Timeframe - September

Fall Fertilization, Insect & Disease Suppressant – The final Fall fertilization of plants will help spur recovery from summer stress and prepare the landscape for winter. Fertilization this time of year promotes essential root growth and the overall health of the plants. The final insect and disease application gives late season plant protection from re-occurring pests that emerge this time of the year

2nd Application: Timeframe - April

Fertilization, Insect & Disease Suppressant – Fertilizer is applied to the root zone of landscaped plants. Insect & Disease Suppressant protects emerging leaves from damage caused by mites, insects and diseases. This is a critical time of year because insects are hatching and want to feed so they can reproduce again.

4th Application: Timeframe - July

Fertilization, Insect & Disease Suppressant – The fourth insect and disease application gives late season plant protection from re-occurring pests that emerge this time of the year. Continuing to protect your plants will result in a healthier landscape. Fourth fertilization of plants will help them through summer stress and maintain root growth into the fall.

6th Application: Timeframe - October

Horticultural Oils & Natural Anti-Desiccant – Horticultural oils are applied to control overwintering pests on ornamentals. Horticultural oils are applied to dormant plants and will reduce the population of certain insects and mites.

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