an Oakmont Environmental Non-Toxic Bed Bug Treatment

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Oakmont Environmental® is a family friendly non-toxic bed bug treatment. Our patent pending process and equipment turns your infested home into a supercharged convection oven – that’s How to KILL Bed Bugs. This ground breaking treatment is designed to kill and control bed bugs and bed bug eggs, but will not damage any of your furniture or contents and is completely safe for you and your family. Our bed bug heat treatment process is so safe to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs that it is used on airplanes. The Oakmont Environmental Heat Treatment is 100% Chemical Free! Our process of How to KILL Bed Bugs is Eco friendly, so you can re-enter your home immediately after the treatment with no fear of toxic fumes or residues. While it is safe for your family, the clean, dry, odor free, Green electric heat produced by our Oakmont Environmental® heaters is instantly lethal to every bed bug, nymph and egg as well as many other insects lurking in your home. So when you and your family return from work and school, you can have the peace of mind that your home is totally bed bug free.

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