Oakmont Environmental “We bring the Bloom”


Perennials and Annuals sometimes known as Ornamentals should be a part of any investment landscape with their stimulating colors and vivacious blooms. With any blooming plant you want the most pop and life in a much shorter time span. This is one reason why Perennials and Annuals, just like a lawn, thrive on a probiotic approach to improve overall plant physiology, giving you colorful, full and vivacious flowers.

At Oakmont, we use bio-nutritional products for Perennials and Annuals, both foliar as well as deep root feeding. Bio-nutritional products prefer soil drenching around the base of the plant out to about halfway to the drip line as opposed to a deep root feeding. Soil drenching is an extremely effective method and, more importantly, greatly reduces the possibility of spreading any root borne diseases.

Healing In

Oakmont Environmental is using a Holganix recipe that includes Endo and Ectomychorrhizae Fungi to assist roots with water and nutrient uptake. Our recipe also includes good bacteria that help break down soils into better organic materials for the rooting process. Lastly, Lignin Polymers to assist in breaking up soil compaction to allow roots to funnel deeper and together they speed up and improve the healing process.

Vigor & Color

The biological properties of our recipe allow for a reduction in fertilizers to promote vigor, life and color. The soil bacteria we use convert both fixed nitrogen from the atmosphere and change bound nitrogen and phosphorous to a free form that can be absorbed directly by the roots– the more nutrients in the soil the less fertilizer is required. We use the analogy that “Tablespoons are Replaced by Teaspoons”.

This may sound small but it is not, it’s 66% less fertilizer that can go into in our North American waters like the Manasquan River Watershed, Barnegat Bay, the Gulf of Mexico and the Everglades.

At Oakmont Environmental we took the BLUE Pledge to Stop the Spread of Dead Zones in our waterways.

Moisture Retention

Through a mycorrhizal association the fungi are working cooperatively with vascular plant roots which release complex sugars into the soil that the mycorrhizae use as food.


The mycorrhizae then transport water and nutrients from the soil to the roots. Included in our recipe are additional sugars and yucca extracts to further aid in water retention that enable the plants to develop thicker and deeper root systems which result in healthier plants needing less irrigation.

Healthier Plants

For plant health and vigor there needs to be a robust soil eco-system. Plants growing in a Holganix amended soil are better able to resist infection and attack by pathogens and insects.

Even if attacked by pathogens or insects these now robust and vigorous plants are better able to recover from disease and insect pestilence because of a strong ecologically balanced soil environment.

Insect Control

Oakmont’s Bloom Program like every other program we have uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process that treats plants at the proper time of the year to ensure year-round protection while minimizing the use of pesticides.

Our trained horticultural specialists will identify active pests during each round and apply products to only those plants that have damaging thresholds present or are susceptible to pest issues at that time of year.


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