End The Weeds Once And For All!

At Oakmont Environmental we understand nothing Detracts from the Value and Curb Appeal from your Investment Landscaping like Invasive Weeds do! At Oakmont, we’re here to tell you We Will Rid Your Property of Weeds and Keep It Weed FREE!


Weeds are terrible, you spend Tens of Thousands of Dollars to install and maintain your lawn, shrubs, beds, flowering plants, driveway-sidewalk-pooland patio pavers and when you see something growing out of the paver gaps, mulch or stone beds that does not belong there you cringe!!! Not only that but neighbors do say “Look all that money they spent and they have weeds sticking up” – Oakmont will end the weed stigma.

Our Hybrid Approach to Getting Rid of Weeds.

Oakmont Environmental is one of the few companies in NJ that are licensed and capable to treat Pest, Lawn, Weeds, Mosquito, Tick, Investment Landscape, Bloom, Tree and Shrub at your home or business. At Oakmont we use a Hybrid approach to get rid of weeds. In your Lawn, Beds and Hardscapes we use a blend of Organic, Synthetic and Nutritional products to achieve a balance between Man, Plant and Weeds– some companies call that “Green”, we prefer to call that an Investment in All of Our Futures.

Why Add Nutritional Products to Kill Weeds NJ?

The answer is very simple just like your own body needs to be strong to fight off bacteria and viruses your Lawn needs to be Healthy and Strong to fight off Invasive Weeds. Just like white blood cells fight the spread of infections a healthy lawn will prevent invasive weeds from attacking it.

Treating Hardscapes the Right Way.

In Hardscapes such as pavers, or rock and mulch beds we have to take a more traditional approach to rid you of weeds and keep you weed free throughout the growing season. Our trained technicians will extract oversized weeds and for smaller weeds apply a Synthetic with a Residual to kill weeds NJ and stop new weeds before they can grow.
At Oakmont we are doing our part to achieve a New Level of Greenness with our “BLUE”commitment to provide Eco-Friendly Pest, Lawn, Mosquito, Investment Landscape, Shrub and Tree Care programs of superior quality in Monmouth County, NJ.


Remember Oakmont has other programs protect and enhance all your homes’ investment by combining minerals, synthetics and natural products to deliver beautiful lush green landscapes that are invasive weed free and pest free while reducing the environmental impact. Through the use of these products we promote strong plant health by naturally increasing resistance to disease and insect damage through significant root and cell development. With Oakmont there will be no harmful phosphates and far fewer nitrates and other chemicals released in our environment!

At Oakmont Environmental our philosophy is simple; use 21st century technology today so our children and grandchildren can enjoy an environmentally safe tomorrow.


Treat NOW and Pay Over Time!


We now offer Financing for Bed Bug Heat Treatments.