10%-20% of Your Home’s Value is in the Landscaping.



The best Defense in protecting your Landscape Investment is a Strong Offense because a deteriorating mature landscape costs more to replace then to maintain. Embrace the Science and Technology that enables Oakmont Environmental to offer a better ROI on your Landscape Investment than other companies.


Most homeowners start to see a decline in their landscape investment 3 years after planting. Trees, shrubs & ornamentals are meant to thrive in a natural forest environment, where there are plenty of leaves and debris that decompose to create an abundance of natural soil softening microbiology for their roots to spread and take hold. On the forest floor, the natural circle of life is complete.



Your home is not the fertile forest floor; in fact it is just the opposite. Most landscape trees, shrubs and ornamentals are planted in 6”-8” of top soil or rock on top of a clay or clay/sand base that make proper root spread and depth all but impossible.

At Oakmont Environmental, we create the natural circle of life by giving fertility back to your landscape investments through the use of Science and Technology for Tree and Shrub services Monmouth County NJ, Middlesex and Ocean County NJ

Oakmont Environmental partners with leading agriculture giants like Winfield Solutions – a Land O’Lakes company to gain access to the science and technology that has allowed the United States to have the highest agricultural yields per acre on the planet.

Here's the Technology:

Oakmont Environmental can accurately map your property for soil deficiencies, compaction, moisture and even conduct plant tissue and chlorophyll analysis–it’s all about the data when it comes to Tree and Shrub services Monmouth County NJ!


The first step to recreate this natural circle of life is to understand where the deficiencies are and how to correct them.


Having a proverbial Green Thumb can only go so far, at Oakmont Environmental we’re all about that data – testing, analysis, specific treatments and re-testing that is difference.

Here's the Science:


At Oakmont we’re not afraid of incorporating probiotic and living-microorganisms to restore the microbiology in and around trees and shrubs. We understand how to use them to greatly improve root development, which provides greater uptake of nutrients and water, ultimately growing stronger, healthier trees and shrubs.

Our Green Hybrid blends, contain mycorrhizae additives to fertilize and help establish roots adding to the living soil microbiology, creating an environment where roots can truly thrive.

Oakmont is at the forefront in combining bio-nutritional products with a traditional Tree and Shrub services Monmouth County NJ, Middlesex County NJ, Ocean County NJ and an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach to maintain a Natural Balance while protecting your Investment.

With these program, we will greatly reduce your pesticides, specifically bifenthrin and imidacloprid, helping products work more effectively at lower rates and can be used with any of the other products Oakmont uses as part of a normal tree and shrub program. The result…Healthy Trees & Shrubs and a Safer “BLUE”Environment! The Only Tree and Shrub services Monmouth County NJ, Middlesex County NJ and Ocean County NJ you’ll ever need!


Treat NOW and Pay Over Time!


We now offer Financing for Bed Bug Heat Treatments.